Solutions to Snow & Ice Build Ups

Northern Michigan is notorious for harsh winters and we understand the havoc which snow and ice bring to the exterior of your home. Ice dams can cause your roof to deteriorate more rapidly; not only that, but it can also create leaks. This often leads to costly interior repairs to drywall, insulation and more.

It is important that you have proper insulation and ventilation to protect your home. At Norm’s Roofing, we use a variety of solutions to help deal with your snow and ice issues.

  • Cold Deck Installation
  • Insulation Installation
  • Installation and or repair of venting
  • Heat tape installation
  • Snow & Ice Removal

If the eaves of your house build ice, let us provide your home a new “cold deck” roof. The key to reducing ice is to keep your roof cold! Many older homes have little to no ventilation and are susceptible to ice dams because of it. By adding adding a second roof deck above the existing sheathing, we create a vented airspace. Convection air currents pull cold air in at the eaves of your house and it is exhausted out the ridge vent. By keeping the roof deck “Cold” we reduce the amount of snow melt. This reduces the ice build up at the eave edge of the roof and prevents leaks.

First we tear off the existing shingle roof and inspect for rotten decking and rafters. Next, we attach 2×4 framing to the existing roof deck. The 2×4’s run up the slope of the roof and are followed by a new layer of sheathing. This creates channels which allow fresh air to run freely from the eaves of your roof up to the peak or ridge. We will then install new or modify the venting at the eaves by way of an “Edge Vent” or traditional soffit vents. The new roof will be installed as it normally would, and we will complete the roof by installing a ridge vent.